have worked in many mediums and many genres; songs, incidental music, theatre soundtracks, choral music, electronic, classical or chamber music.

Original music. can set your project apart from the rest.

I can provide quality music written to a brief or to a provided video. Music can be produced as a complete recorded audio file or as a score for rehearsal and performance purposes.

This page contains some examples of commissioned works.



Written for Piper Theatre, Brooklyn NY

Incidental music for the 2010 production of 'Nocturnes' written by Nigel Williams (adapted from the stories of John Connolly)

Oboe Quintet

The Eternal Form of Transient Things

A  composition in five movements for Oboe and String Quartet. Based upon an interpretation of Schopenhauer's  view of Platonic Ideas.

Minimalist, with influences from Glass, Reich and Lutoslawski.

The Cagebirds

Incidental music written for the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe production of 'The Cagebirds' by David Campton

Themes derived from the sound of songbirds on The Moray Firth in Scotland

The Burns of Sorrow and Care

Piano and Saxophone

Inspired by a visit to the Glen of Dollar in Central Scotland, where the twin Burns of Sorrow and of Care wind through the steep Glen from Castle Gloom to the village below

The Last Witch

Incidental Music for Rona Munro's play 

Atmospheric soundtrack and ambient music to underscore a production of Rona Munro's play exploring the tale of the last woman to be burned as a witch in Scotland.