Clockwork Unwound

"If I cannot live face to face instead of interface to interface, I would rather not live."

Based on the ideas an themes of Anthony Burgess' classic novella, 'Clockwork Unwound' was commissioned by Piper Theatre Workshops, Brooklyn, NY and is a high energy fast-paced piece of ensemble physical theatre writing.

Looking at the impact of social media and VR upon a possible future 'Clockwork Unwound' asks what we want society to be and what are we willing to sacrifice to stay human.

Download extracts here.

King Lear

Shakespeare's epic tale edited to a one act, 75min performance piece.

All the themes and main characters with a 'chorus' narrator summarising the plot lines as needed. 

Accessible and effective for schools and Youth Theatres.

Commissioned by  Piper Theatre Workshops, Brooklyn, NY.

Download extract here



Macbeth - Paint it black.

Shakespeare's classic 'Scottish play' given a modern twist with an integral soundtrack of songs from The Rolling Stones performed live by Hecate and Lady M.

A one Act, 70 minute adaptation of the play built around ensemble performance and physical theatre.

*rights for performance of songs by The Rolling Stones 

are not mine to grant and are the responsibility of the performing company